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Recruitment Process

Reducing Your
Time-to-Hire: Discover Our Insight-Driven Recruitment Process

Discover how our 6-step insight-driven process delivers skilled, technical professionals who match your needs, fit your culture, and can hit the ground running – all in record time.
  • Step 1

    Kickstarting the Job Search

    Once we receive your job description, we get to work. Besides posting it on Co-Worker’s LinkedIn page & Groups, we also post it to our Application Tracking System (ATS), which efficiently disseminates the opportunity across multiple job boards and sites, casting a wider yet targeted net in the global talent pool.

  • Step 2

    Digging Deeper

    We then go beyond the words of your job description. Using our industry expertise, we interpret the unmentioned requirements that may be crucial for your role.

  • Step 3

    The Perfect Match Search

    Next, we go through LinkedIn RPS (Recruiter Professional Services) to find candidates that match your needs. Our search is careful, thorough, and guided by your job description and our understanding of your unspoken needs.

  • Step 4

    The Sift and Sort

    After identifying potential candidates, we go through a detailed screening process. We shortlist the ones that not only match your explicit requirements but also align with your implicit needs.

  • Step 5

    Pre-submission Check

    Before we introduce our shortlisted candidates to you, we share the list with your point of contact (POC). This ensures that our choices meet your expectations.

  • Step 6


    Finally, we present our carefully selected candidates to you. We ensure that they are not just technically proficient, but also align with your team and organizational goals.

Co-Worker Commitment

We Rest Only When You Have Found the Perfect Match

Experience our relentless commitment to your success – we don’t stop until you find the perfect match.
With Co-Worker, the search only ends when you have found your ideal candidate. While our insight-based recruitment process often yields the right fit from our curated set, we are always ready to adapt.
Based on your feedback, we continuously refine our approach. We strive to present even more accurate matches each time, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to fulfilling your unique hiring needs.
Case Study

Our Success Stories

See how we have managed to help some of our customers with our personalized recruiting solutions.

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The Perfect Recipe for Successful Recruitment

Stuck in the recruitment maze? We have got you!
Explore our HR checklist that tells you the 7 most important things you should be looking for in a recruiting agency.
Why Co-Worker?

Why Look No Further Than Co-Worker

Elevate your permanent staffing strategy – fast, precise, personalized.
  • 01

    Decades of Trust

    Over 15 years of proven recruitment success.

  • 02

    Deep Dive Recruitment

    We see beyond job descriptions to find your perfect match.

  • 03

    Quick and Efficient

    First set of candidates presented in just 24 hours.

  • 04

    Tailored to You

    We adapt to your feedback for near-perfect candidate selection.

  • 05

    Global Network

    Top-tier talent from around the globe, delivered to your doorstep.

  • 06

    Technical Talent Masters

    Finding the perfect fit for complex technical roles.

  • 07

    Personalized Service

    Our Founders ensure every candidate is a flawless match.

  • 08

    Performance Based Fees

    No successful placement, no charge - we are committed to your satisfaction.

  • 09

    Recruitment Guarantee

    Get a 100% refund on the fee or free replacement if a candidate leaves in 3 months.

Let Us Handle Your Permanent Staffing Needs While You Focus On Building a Great Employee Culture.

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We pride ourselves on efficiency. You can expect the first set of candidates from our ready pool within just 24 hours.
At Co-Worker Tech, we go beyond job descriptions, offering a tailored approach based on feedback. Our founders are personally involved in the recruitment process, and with over 15 years of experience, we’ve honed our methods to ensure successful placements.
No. We believe in transparency, charging only when a successful placement occurs. All fees are clearly communicated upfront.
We are confident in our candidate placements. If a candidate we have placed leaves within the first 90 days of employment, we offer a 100% refund on the fee or a free replacement.
Absolutely. Our certification with the Swedish Migration Board and our global network enables us to process international candidates swiftly, connecting you with talent from all over the world.
While we have a dedicated team to support you, our Founders, Johan and Johanna, are actively involved, ensuring each client receives personalized and attentive service throughout.