Case Study for Recruiting

Global Talent Hunt: Powering BebopBee's Expansion With Skilled Gaming Professionals


BebopBee, a prominent US-based gaming company, was on the cusp of a significant expansion. To fuel this growth, they needed to venture beyond their existing talent pool and tap into a broader network of qualified candidates.


The primary mission was clear: amplify the candidate flow to fill pivotal roles in the organization.

Key Positions to Be Filled


Co-Worker Tech employed its tried-and-tested recruitment methodology to ensure BeBopBee’s success.

Key Strategies Implemented

Cost-effective Expansion

By targeting regions with top-tier talent but lower operational costs, BebopBee could achieve a balance of quality and cost-efficiency.

Leveraging Established Networks

Our unique connections in the gaming sector, cultivated from past collaborations, allowed for swift outreach and prompt responses.

Integrated Recruitment Process

Understanding & Sourcing

Recognizing the potential of remote roles, we collaborated with BebopBee to primarily focus on sourcing candidates from outside the US, targeting specific countries known for their gaming talent.

Interviews & Evaluation

Candidates were meticulously vetted to ensure their skills and vision aligned with BebopBee's objectives. This involved multiple rounds of interviews and technical evaluations.

Seamless Onboarding

Once the right candidates were identified, we facilitated a smooth onboarding process, ensuring a quick integration into BebopBee's operations.


The collaboration between BebopBee and Co-Worker Tech not only met but exceeded expectations. By tapping into a global talent pool, BebopBee fortified its team with top-tier professionals, setting the stage for innovative game development and a brighter future in the gaming industry.