No Onboarding, No Hassles

Drive Project Success With Vetted & Expert Consultants

Solve your project challenges swiftly by engaging top-tier technical consultants from around the world, without any onboarding hassles.

Consultant Sourcing Process

Streamlined & Stress-Free: Get The Technical Experts You Need, Now!

In the world of business, time is of the essence. That’s why our process is designed to match you with the right consultants, swiftly and efficiently, without the hassle of onboarding.
  • Step 1

    Receiving Brief

    Understanding your specific needs to guide our search for the perfect match.

  • Step 2


    Tapping into our extensive network to find consultants that fit your requirements.

  • Step 3

    Initial Interview

    Conducting preliminary interviews and presenting matching consultants to you.

  • Step 4

    Deep-Dive Evaluation

    Undertaking secondary interviews with you and/or your team to ensure that the technical skillset matches your vision.

  • Step 5

    Interview With You

    Lining up, if needed, a final interview with you and/or your team so you can verify and make an informed decision.

  • Step 6


    We manage all aspects of onboarding, from paperwork to transition, for a hassle-free experience.

Case Study

Our Success Stories

Understand in detail how we helped some of our prestigious clients expand quickly with the right consultant.

How Co-Worker Tech Powered Huawei's Growth by Successfully Staffing Their New R&D Facility in Lund

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Benefit of Direct Communication

Speak to Us Directly for a Faster, More Effective Match

A lot of times, HR teams engage with us through intermediaries. This can lead to critical details getting lost in the process and not to mention, unnecessary delays.
At Co-Worker Tech, we advocate direct communication, ensuring an effective match that saves time and keeps your projects on schedule. By eliminating the potential for misunderstandings, we make sure your team’s project never skips a beat.

Skill Diversity,
Flexibility in Engagement:
We Adapt, You Achieve

Whether you require niche expertise for a unique project or versatile consultants for varied tasks, we cater to your every need. Our expansive global network enables us to source high-quality talent from across the world, aligning perfectly with your project needs and budget.
With Co-Worker Tech, flexible engagement and international reach aren’t just options—they’re our standard offerings.
Reading in Between the Lines

Going Beyond Job Descriptions to Deliver the Best

At Co-Worker Tech, we do more than just scan the job description. Leveraging our in-depth technical hiring expertise of 15+ years, we understand the unspoken needs that lie in-between the lines.
As a result, you get consultants who not only meet your project requirements but bring complementary skills that accelerate development, improve efficiency, and add value to your project’s outcomes.
Rent & Buy

Transform Consultant Engagements: Seamlessly Shift to Permanent Hires!

Assess and easily transition top consultants to full-time roles, ensuring the right fit while minimizing hiring risks.
Introducing Rent & Buy Solutions, especially designed for HR representatives aiming to merge flexibility with commitment in talent acquisition. Rent a consultant, assess their adaptability and skills, and then choose whether to transition them to a permanent role within your organization.
This solution is ideal when:

Why Rent & Buy?

  • 01

    Risk-Free Evaluation

    Assess consultants’ organizational fit and contribution before making any long-term commitments.

  • 02

    Global Talent, Hassle-Free

    Leverage our international network and fast-track migration processes to access and onboard global experts effortlessly.

  • 03

    Frictionless Transition

    All administrative intricacies, from work permits to relocation, are managed by us, for a streamlined experience for you and the consultant.

  • 04

    No Mandatory Hiring

    If hiring isn’t the right option, continue the consulting assignment or end it without obligations, no questions asked.

Discover the Advantages of Rent & Buy and Refine Your Talent Acquisition Process Today!

Why Co-Worker?

Why Look No Further Than Co-Worker

Elevate your consulting staffing strategy – fast, precise, personalized.
  • 01

    Decades of Trust

    Over 15 years of proven recruitment success.

  • 02

    Deep Dive Recruitment

    We see beyond job descriptions to find your perfect consultant match.

  • 03

    Quick and Efficient

    First set of consultant candidates presented in just 24 hours.

  • 04

    Tailored to You

    We adapt to your feedback for a near-perfect consultant selection.

  • 05

    Global Network

    Top-tier talent from around the globe, delivered to your doorstep.

  • 06

    Technical Talent Masters

    Finding the perfect fit for complex technical roles.

  • 07

    Personalized Service

    Our Founders ensure every candidate is a flawless match.

  • 08

    Performance Based Fees

    No successful placement, no charge - we are committed to your satisfaction.

  • 09

    Recruitment Guarantee

    Get a 50% refund on the fee or free replacement if a candidate leaves in 6 months.

Have a Project That Needs Expertise, Fast?

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We can supply consultants for all industries matching the technical requirements and expertise of the demand. In recent years, we have primarily completed consulting placements for companies in the ICT, Energy and Gaming industry, mostly for R&D and Gaming Development projects.
Today, we have consultants that have been on assignment for the same client for longer than 7+ years. We estimate the average duration period to be 4+ years. The main reason for the assignment ending has been direct employment of the consultant by the client or the consultant has chosen to move to another project/client. Generally, our consultants are assigned for a 6–12-month project period, after which the decision is made on a need basis.
We can present the first set of candidates in 24 hours.
It largely depends on the candidate’s current work situation and if the assignment is on-site or can be undertaken remotely.