Case Study for Consulting & Contracting

How Co-Worker Tech Powered Huawei's Growth by Successfully Staffing Their New R&D Facility in Lund


Huawei, a global leader in ICT, embarked on an ambitious initiative to establish a new R&D facility in Sweden. The primary challenge? Attracting over 40 senior R&D contracting professionals within the inaugural year.

Johan at Co-Worker was always there to help during my time at Huawei. Fast to respond, on point information, transparent- all the things you would hope for in a supplier. With the added bonus of a highly professional and positive attitude where no problem was big enough to even become a problem. Johan and Johanna at Co-worker would always go above and beyond to support us as a client, and it was much appreciated. Would warmly recommend Co-worker to anyone in the industry.

Ava Fard

Consultant Manager, Huawei Technologies R&D


Co-Worker Tech was entrusted with a two-fold mission:

Candidate Flow Boost

Collaborate with Huawei's HR department to understand their requirements and amplify the candidate flow for 40+ strategic R&D positions.

Contracting Solutions

Provide staffing and contracting solutions for approved candidates who didn't fit within Huawei's headcount for permanent roles.

Key Positions to Be Filled


Recognizing the importance of synergy, Co-Worker Tech prioritized establishing a close partnership, rooted in trust and transparent communication, with Huawei’s management and HR teams.

Key Strategies Implemented

Real-time Updates

Ensured that we remained updated with position requirements and any organizational changes, facilitating accurate communication with potential candidates.

Transparent Pricing

Established a clear pricing structure for our staffing and contractor services, streamlining contract negotiations and expediting the hiring process.

Unified Candidate Approach

Recognized the apprehensions some candidates had about being contracted by a supplier rather than being directly hired by the client. To address this, we emphasized the long-term, cohesive partnership between Co-Worker Tech and Huawei, ensuring candidates felt secure and valued.

Integrated Consulting Process

Understanding & Sourcing

After grasping the client's specific needs, we tapped into our vast network to identify suitable consultants.

Interviews & Evaluation

Through a series of interviews, we ensured consultants' technical expertise aligned with the client's vision.

Seamless Onboarding

We took charge of the entire onboarding process, guaranteeing a smooth transition for consultants into the new R&D facility.


By the close of the first year, the new R&D facility in Lund was bustling with over 40 dedicated contractual staff, marking a successful collaboration between Huawei and Co-Worker Tech.