Placement in the ICT &   Gaming industri. 

Abiding and provisional placements all across Europe



We are a strong and competent team of individuals. A complete talented network with an amazing combination of technical, creative and analytical skills.


Our team alliances with felicity for optimal solutions with an amazing adjustment advantage


We are always on our toes with proper commitments for delivering better and high-quality performances backed by a successful track record.


Business Plan

Huawei Technologies R&D is rapidly growing.  At present, Co-Worker has over 60 consultants operating at diffrent R&D facilities in Sweden 

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Among the first three studios founded at Ubisoft, the Montpellier studio opened in 1994. The studio developed the critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil and the lauded Rayman Origins.  


The studio is now focusing on the eagerly awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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Playing Videogames