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Research Project Coordinator, Dielectric Material and Process Engineer, Layer 2 Software Architect, Senior Power electronics Engineer....


Huawei Technologies R&D is rapidly growing.  At present, Co-Worker has over 60+ contractors operating at different R&D facilities in Sweden 

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Among the first three studios founded at Ubisoft, the Montpellier studio opened in 1994. The studio developed the critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil and the lauded Rayman Origins.  


The studio is now focusing on the eagerly awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Searching for a new challenges in the Gaming industry 

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Playing Videogames
Engineering Class

IP Telecom Expert, QA Engineer, Integration Engineer / System Architect, Delivery – Service Assurance, Implementation Engineer, Telecom Expert..


We search for experts in those area for our global client. A well establish security company with security solutions that has helped more than 300 of the largest service providers in over 100 countries run their networks more efficiently and profitably, while delivering a better quality of service to their customers.