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Employer of Record in Sweden: Your Key to Effortless Expansion

Your Swedish HR PartnerSwedish HR Partner: From Onboarding to Payroll

From seamless employee transition to full integration into Swedish life, Co-Worker covers onboarding, benefits, compliance, and more, without the need for a local legal setup.

Why EOR?

The EOR Advantage for Your Swedish Expansion

Understand when to leverage EOR for your Swedish ambitions.

Strategic Market Testing & Entry

Use EOR to onboard a team, testing market potential and signaling a future intention to establish a corporate identity in Sweden.

On-Site Assignments

Facilitate on-site or customer assignments in Sweden without the need for setting up a legal local entity immediately.

Swift & Compliant Onboarding

Quickly and compliantly hire and onboard employees in Sweden, backed by local HR support.

HR Support

Opting for EOR services that offer local HR expertise ensure that your employees get the best support.


Utilize EOR for a low-cost, long-term staffing solution in Sweden, maximizing operational savings.

How Our EOR Works

The Co-Worker Way: Simple, Streamlined, Successful

From onboarding to ongoing support, we’ve got your Swedish operations covered.
  • Fast-Track Work Permit Processing

    Step into Sweden with speed and confidence. As a certified partner of the Migration Board, Co-Worker slashes the waiting time for work permit applications to just 3-5 weeks. And it's not just about your employees, we ensure their families transition smoothly too. Dive into the Swedish market with your team intact and ready.

  • Cost-Effective
    EOR Services

    Unlock unparalleled value with Co-Worker. Our EOR fee, starting at a mere 1.55x of the gross salary, is a testament to our commitment to offering both efficiency and economy. While others might stretch your budget, we ensure premium service without the premium price tag.

  • Accommodation and
    Settling Assistance

    With Co-Worker, it's not just about relocation; it's about complete integration. Through our partnerships with leading accommodation agencies, we guarantee comfort and convenience. Beyond just housing, we facilitate transportation, and assist with interactions with Swedish tax authorities, banks, schools, and more.

  • Sourcing + EOR: A Complete Package

    From identifying the perfect talent to ensuring their seamless integration, Co-Worker has it all covered. Whether you're on the lookout for a niche expert, a versatile consultant, or a committed full-timer, we're your one-stop solution. We connect you with the best and, with our unmatched EOR services, make sure they're effortlessly integrated into your Swedish operations.

Other Benefits for Your Employees

Comprehensive Insurance

We ensure both company and individual coverage for your team members.

Health Contribution

Your employees will benefit from a tax-free health contribution of SEK 5,000 annually.

Special Tax Relief

For qualifying members of your team, we will apply for a special tax relief where 25% of their gross salary is tax-free for the first 5 years of employment, if approved by Forskarskattenämnden.

Parental Benefits

We ensure your team members avail parental benefits in accordance with the Swedish Insurance Agency.

Case Study

Our Success Stories

Take a look at how we quickly helped professionals come into Sweden and settle down into their new lives.

TEOCO: Seamless E.O.R Services & Precision Sourcing for Telia Project in Sweden

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From Relocation to Integration

Make your company & employee’s Swedish expansion seamless with Co-Worker!


An Employer of Record is a service provider that hires employees on behalf of another company. This allows the company to operate in a country without setting up a legal entity. The EOR handles all local employment requirements, including payroll, tax, and compliance.
Co-Worker’s EOR service offers a comprehensive solution that not only assists with staffing but also ensures compliance with local Swedish regulations, manages payroll, and provides additional benefits like relocation support and local HR expertise.
Using an EOR simplifies the process of entering a new market. It allows you to test the waters without the commitment of setting up a legal entity, ensures compliance with local laws, and can be more cost-effective in the long run.
Co-Worker has deep expertise in Swedish labour laws and regulations. We stay updated with any changes and ensure that all employment practices are compliant. Our local presence and partnerships further ensure that we’re always aligned with best practices.
Yes, Co-Worker provides extensive support for relocating employees to Sweden, from handling work permit applications to assisting with accommodation and integration into Swedish life.