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Our Story

The Story Behind Co-Worker Tech

In 2007, amidst the technological boom, Johan and Johanna saw an opportunity. Sweden, with its rich tech landscape, was bustling with innovations, but there was a gap. Organizations, especially in the ICT sector, were grappling to find the right talent to drive their visions forward. Recognizing this challenge, they founded Co-Worker Tech in Sweden, setting up its headquarters there. Soon after seeing the potential to expand their reach, they established a subsidiary in Finland.
This wasn’t just about recruitment; it was about understanding the intricate nuances of the tech world and matching them with the right minds. With an early focus on ICT technical staffing, the company quickly carved a niche for itself.
By 2009, their expertise and commitment landed them a partnership with Huawei’s R&D, Sweden. This partnership wasn’t just a business collaboration; it was a testament to Co-Worker Tech’s deep understanding of the ICT domain. Their synergy with Huawei grew so profound that by a certain point, over 70+ consultants from Co-Worker Tech were operating across various R&D facilities of Huawei Sweden. Their collaboration didn’t stop at the borders of Sweden; they extended their expertise to assist Huawei’s R&D facilities globally.
But for Johan and Johanna, this wasn’t just about numbers or global partnerships. It was about their belief in the power of the right match. Every placement was a validation of their ethos: that the right talent in the right place can drive innovation, shape futures, and redefine industries.
Today, Co-Worker Tech represents more than just a staffing solution; it embodies the relentless passion and vision of its founders, ensuring that every organization finds its perfect technical match.

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Our Milestones

Stepping Stones to Success

  • 2007

    Co-Worker Tech's establishment in Sweden

  • 2009

    Became strategic staffing partner for Huawei R&D facilities in Sweden

  • 2012

    Expansion to Finland with Co-Worker OY

  • 2013

    Became staffing partner to Samsung R&D in Finland

  • 2018

    Became staffing partner to Nokia Solution in Finland

  • 2021

    Marked our presence in Asia with Co-Worker India

  • 2023

    Expansion of recruitment personnel to support our clients’ increased organization demands of technical staffing

  • Consistent Growth

    Achieved a turnover of over 8 million EURO in recent years

Our Mission

To seamlessly bridge the gap between innovation and talent. Prioritizing time and quality, we empower organizations to realize their full potential by connecting them with the perfect technical match.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every organization, regardless of its size or domain, has access to the technical talent it needs to drive innovation, shape the future, and redefine industries.

Meet the Founders

Johan Bergström Co-Founder & Director

With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, Johan has been the driving force behind Co-Worker Tech's growth. His expertise in driving sales across diverse business areas and industries has been instrumental in shaping the company's trajectory. Johan's leadership extends beyond operations. He serves on the Board of Directors of Co-Worker Technology, Co-Worker Consulting Partner, Co-Worker Kandidatförmedling and BookAquarium.

Johanna Bergström Co-Founder & HR Manager

Johanna, with her 25+ years in HR and finance, brings a wealth of experience to Co-Worker Tech. Her background from leading companies in the Financial, Commercial, Legal, and HR sectors has been pivotal in establishing Co-Worker Tech's reputation. Johanna's vision and dedication are the bedrock upon which the company stands. She serves on the Board of Directors of Co-Worker Technology, Co-Worker Consulting Partner, Co-Worker Kandidatförmedling and BookAquarium.