Case Study for Recruiting & EOR

TEOCO: Seamless E.O.R Services & Precision Sourcing for Telia Project in Sweden


TEOCO, a global leader in 5G, analytics, assurance, planning, and optimization software solutions, faced a pressing challenge. Despite their global reach, they struggled to recruit the right personnel for a pivotal on-site project with their esteemed customer, Telia, in Sweden. To further complicate matters, TEOCO lacked a corporate identity in Sweden, necessitating an Employer of Record (E.O.R) service for the recruited employees.


Co-Worker Tech was entrusted with a dual mission

Precision Recruitment

Identify and recruit the right technical profiles tailored for the Telia project.

E.O.R Services

Onboard the recruited professionals seamlessly, acting as their official employer in Sweden due to TEOCO's absence of a local corporate entity.

Key Positions to Be Filled


Recognizing the urgency and specificity of TEOCO’s needs, Co-Worker Tech employed a two-pronged strategy.

Integrated Recruitment Process

Understanding & Sourcing

Leveraged our vast network and expertise to identify candidates fitting TEOCO's exact requirements.

Interviews & Evaluation

Conducted rigorous interviews to ensure candidates not only met the technical criteria but also aligned with TEOCO's project vision.

Candidate Engagement

Maintained close collaboration with TEOCO, ensuring that our recruitment pitch was compelling and resonated with the candidates' career aspirations.

E.O.R Implementation

Seamless Onboarding

Once the right candidates were identified and recruited, we swiftly onboarded them, acting as their official employer in Sweden.

Compliance & Support

Ensured all local employment requirements, including payroll, tax, and compliance, were meticulously handled, allowing TEOCO to focus solely on the project at hand.


Co-Worker Tech's dual expertise in precision recruitment and E.O.R services ensured TEOCO's project was staffed with qualified technical professionals and onboarded into Sweden without a hitch.