...take on the challenge to design and validate our clients future radio concepts,...

Senior EMC specialist

We are currently looking for a Senior EMC specialist to our clients Engineering competence centre in Kista, to take on the challenge to design and validate our future radio concepts, on detailed design level and on system level. We expect this specialist to be responsible for technology studies in the EMC design area and to participate in the European EMC standardisation work. The work will be done in very close cooperation with our clients teams in Kista and head office in China.

Essential Skills required: (as many as possible from list below):

We expect the candidate to have more than 8 years experiences of EMC design and/or EMC verification of telecom equipment or equivalent and that this have given the candidate a thorough and deep understanding of the electromagnetic complexity and also of the neighboring areas like grounding, OVP, interconnect and high-speed data. We also request a high knowledge of simulation methods like FDTD, FEM, and MLFMM etc. This role requires a good understanding of the international standards within
EMC. We appreciate hands on experience of lab environment and we appreciate experience or understanding of the International standardization work, its processes and way of working. The candidate can of course communicate fluently in English, both verbally and in writing. We require at least a Masters level and most likely a PhD in Electrical engineering or equivalent background. We believe that the candidate might have produced several international publications at conferences and that Experience of communication with universities is a natural part of this person’s competence.

Additional skills required:

We expect that the candidate can work independently as well as in a team. The candidate should have a strong feeling and interest innovative solutions, innovative technologies and for product development and also to share experiences with others in the team and have a proven capability to pursue creative solutions. Experience of work in research organisations (or at Universities) driving research activities targeting deliveries 3-5 year from now is appreciated. Prior experience from international and multicultural work is preferred.

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Kista, Sweden.

Employment conditions

Full-time consulting position. Employed by Co-Worker or sub-contractor.

Start date


Work permit/Resident card

Co-Worker assists for work permit if needed, only for employment, not applicable if sub-contracting for assignment.

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Dimitris Lyris  
​​​​​​​+ 46 70 090 47 92    

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