...project manager in the RF and microwave area for our Board Engineering team....  

Package Design & Process Expert, Board Engineering

Support the wireless 5G product evolution (and their key subsystems like RF/PA, antenna and filter) aiming to significantly improve RF hardware solutions for future base stations. This position will work as a technical strategy expert/technical lead/project manager in the RF and microwave area for our Board Engineering team. The main focus area should be the integrated package direction with design, material and related manufacturing processes.


Identify, define and propose innovative solutions for key components and key technologies in this area. Develop solutions into prototypes incl. verification of their capability. In this lies also to ensure that the solution can be implemented into mass production. Drive the technology evolution to improve the performance of key components\parts to ensure the leadership in the industry. Monitor and investigate the status and trends of today’s global technology evolution to formulate technical roadmaps coordinated with our products’ requirement. Monitor and map the global key component suppliers, top universities and strategic research institutes to identify possible partners to run technical cooperation projects and drive such cooperation project as project manager. Lead technical studies within the team to design low cost and high-performance SIP/MCM.


Master/PhD in electronic and RF with 8 or more years of related engineering experience in commercial companies or research organizations.

The candidate should be familiar with the academic research environment and have a proven understanding how to carry out and demonstrate new ideas in the research phase in close cooperation with corresponding teams in HQ. The position should drive technology studies; sometimes together with the top universities, sometimes with global component suppliers and sometimes with conceptual engineering projects to contribute with unique technical value for future radio solutions. The candidate should be very familiar with technologies such as semiconductors and have extensive in-depth working experience of advanced packaging technology, packaging materials and their manufacturing processes. The candidate should have very good understanding in today’s key suppliers, universities and research institutes and other resources in package design & manufacturing processes of packages. The candidate should be able to run cooperation projects with external partners (like universities or above mentioned partners). The candidate should be familiar with the wireless base station product architecture together with a general understanding of the future development trend of 5G products. This in order to understand specific demands of packages and processes.
The candidate should have very good understanding of key components like RF antenna, filter, RF/PA etc. and good understanding of their design and related manufacturing processes. Fluent English, both written and spoken. Swedish is a plus.

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Kista, Sweden.

Employment conditions

Full-time consulting position. Employed by Co-Worker or sub-contractor.

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Work permit/Resident card

Co-Worker assists for work permit if needed, only for employment, not applicable if sub-contracting for assignment.

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Dimitris Lyris  
​​​​​​​+ 46 70 090 47 92    

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