...to take on the challenge to design and compare our future cooling concepts within Automotive applications....

Senior Automotive Refrigeration Expert

Job Description

We are currently looking for a Senior Automotive Refrigeration Expert to our Engineering lab at our Stockholm office, to take on the challenge to design and compare our future cooling concepts within Automotive applications.

We expect this engineer to:
Collaborate with Huawei global R&D teams on next generation automotive refrigeration systems, including technology trend anayisis requirements definition, system architecture definition. Develop and implement a research plan, including formulating key technology evolution roadmaps, initiate research projects and drive them. Develop key components and cont rol strategy of next generation heat pump system, such as heat pump using R744 (CO2), VPI module of R1234yf system and its control system software, heat exchangers (HEX), high performance front end module. Map pot ential top level research partners in Europe , conduct cooperation projects with the selected partners. All this
to ensure a global leading technology competitiveness of our projects. The work will be done in very close cooperation with our teams in Kista and our head office in China.

Essential Skills required

We require not less than 8-10 years of experience of the automotive refrigeration field and :1. Solid background in thermal R&D and /or fluid dynamics
2. Strong familiarity with the CO2 trans critical cycle
3. Solid experience of various CFD tools like Star CCM, Flotherm, Fluent or smilar (GT suite is a bonus)
4. General but solid knowledge of the automotive refrigeration system design.
We also expect an expertise of conceptual design of equipment and comparison of various thermal solutions in both the cost and the functionality perspective. The candidate can of course communicate fluently in English, both verbally and in writing

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Employment conditions

Full-time consulting position. Employed by Co-Worker or sub-contractor.

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Co-Worker assists for work permit if needed, only for employment, not applicable if sub-contracting for assignment.

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Dimitris Lyris  
​​​​​​​+ 46 70 090 47 92    

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