....work on physical layer signal processing and Radio Resource Management (RRM) algorithms...

Applied Mathematics Researcher

Our clients Wireless Network Algorithm Lab drives innovation for wireless Radio Access Networks (RAN) product. We work on physical layer signal processing and Radio Resource Management (RRM) algorithms. The research is in nontraditional areas and our client cooperate with universities all over Europe to find the next technological breakthroughs.


• Research and innovation in the area of wireless communications.
• To lead new applications of mathematical theory in the wireless network and big data.

Minimum qualifications

• Experience in modeling and simulation.
• Experience with various applications of mathematical tools, like in estimation and optimization problems.

Preferred qualifications

• A PhD degree in mathematics.
• Solid research background and extensive experiences in the area of belief propagation (message passing algorithms with graphical models).
• Up-to-date knowledge about new research trends in academia, like machine learning.

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Employment conditions

Full-time consulting position. Employed by Co-Worker or sub-contractor.

Start date


Work permit/Resident card

Co-Worker assists for work permit if needed, only for employment, not applicable if sub-contracting for assignment.

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Dimitris Lyris  
​​​​​​​+ 46 70 090 47 92    

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